Saturday, September 5, 2015

Being in the office on saturday.

It's no fun to work on weekends. But today is exceptional. In fact, i love coming to the office on weekends.

It's very quiet, i can focus more on my work without having to make small talks with colleagues or being interrupted by students coming to my room.

I don't have to teach; no class on weekends so no need to teach. I can just do my work unrelated to teaching. Telling you, there are lots of works to be done. I am in charge of selling the textbook (talking about calculating, againnnn), and i am in charge of department activities that also deal with money. Hahaha dahlah bengap maths, but end up aku jugak kena deal with the numbers.

And only today, i get to clean my workplace aka my working area aka table. Sepah gilaaa baq hang. Sampai cari dokumen pun tak jumpa lol i am super bad in doing filing stuff. Feels so good tengok meja lapang hahaha. All this while, cluttered with papers and i don't know what haha.

So i would say, i love working on weekends. I can have the time to myself, quietly and peacefully settling whatever needs to be settled.

But now tak quiet sangat, sebab aku bawak my baby tua aka my husband, so dia tengah main game on my laptop while i'm doing my work. Riuh menjerit-jerit terkejut aku hahahah.

Okaylah, time to do something else than work. Happy weekend, people!

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