Sunday, September 30, 2012

of being a menantu hihihi.

Last raya, the other half came with his siblings.
And after sooooo many years, tahun ini rendang dendeng terhidang.
And they love it.

So today, aku kenalah masak since his mom wants to taste it too after they brag about it back home.
His mom invited me to cook at their house since she wants to learn to cook it.
Bahahahhahahaha dead meat la aku hahahah anxious.

So, aku decide nak test buat today guna paste mama bagi belen aritu.
Kasi rasa dulu nak masak from scratch pikir nanti.

Huhuhuhu rendang dendeng, here i come.
Wish me luck, pray that it will turn out okay and edible.

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