Sunday, September 29, 2013

things i've learned so far.

1. a help is still a help, no matter big or small. you can't expect a first timer to do things perfectly as you would do - but still, the gestures to help should be appreciated. 

2. don't stop talking to each other, even for a while. even when you are mad. it makes it awkward to start later.

3. brush off the ego. sometimes it's all about the misunderstanding, never you.

4. when someone said sorry, you should have just accept it. it means a lot to one who doesn't apologize easily.

5. learn to use low keynote when speaking. it helps a lot when you are angry bahahaha.

6. people are different. you can never expect people to react the same way like you.


  1. Useful tip. Esp on no5 n 6. Haha.qila

    1. kannnnn hahaha. aritu nak tambah tapi tetiba asben masuk bilik hahaha.