Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the time has come, finally.

i'll be away from the cyber world for days - my mom's modem was struck by lightning few weeks before my big event. greattttt. pffffttt. 

i can't believe i have two more days to live as a single lady. soooo freaking nervous. couldn't believe that the time is becoming closer; how fast time flies. there were moments i felt like forever, especially when i was lonely but now things are so different. everything passes by so quick - in just a blink.

i'm scared for few things, but i believe Allah wouldn't leave me alone. semoga semuanya baik-baik belaka. things are definitely becoming harder; with two families to handle, i wouldn't say it's an easy task.

at first i was unhappy with my baju resepsi, but after letting go (it was hard hahaha) and once i've accepted the fact that it's just a small matter to deal with, i'm much happier. sometimes you just have to let go to be happy.

small things bugger me a lot. that shouldn't be.

i'll be doing my manicure and pedicure the day before my nikah day. and spa as well. if not for my big boss who paid for it - maybe i'll never get the chance to treat myself before the big event. so many things to do huhuhu.

but here i am. blogging about it. i'm shaking now. this must be the caffeine. i notice i'll be trembling whenever i consume drinks with caffeine. oh whatever.

i should be resting a week after my resepsi, but the workaholic i am (have to be), i'll be coming to office for meetings. life is hard when you have no one to trust. haihhhhh.

i must not be depressed.

but i'm just freaking nervous.


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