Sunday, February 2, 2014

there's always the first time.

after almost five months being married, this is the first time my husband goes to the mall without me. again, WITHOUT me. i become so sad because of this. no, to be exact, i am super depressed. haih. i was so sad seeing him leaving just now. 

and tomorrow is the day when i'm meeting my supervisors. as if two are not bad enough, i have three. one is already menakutkan, and i have three. THREE. phewwww. one is the director of M*****M, another is the deputy dean, the last one is the coordinator. what shit have i gone into????

as much as i am convincing myself that things are gonna be fine - still i am depressed. i don't have much time as i am not discipline enough. i have so many things in my mind. sampai satu tahap i would just give an empty stare as i do not know what to think anymore. pathetic.


i am just sad that my husband leaves without me. well, it's actually my decision to just stay at home. deal with it, lady.

i just wish he is saddened by it, and returns home quickly to his clingy wife. hrmmm.

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