Thursday, June 12, 2014

it's my birthday.

finally, my last year before i reach 3series. 
how time flies. 

i have grown so much; i can't even believe it, looking at what i am now.
at this age, i have achieved a lot that i could never think i would years ago.

owning a property - check.
doing what i love as a career - check.
married to the one i desire most - check.
developing my career - check.
travelling to places - check.
etc etc etc.

i have a lot more to do.
may Allah grant me the opportunity and good health.
may He lead me, my husband, and our family to the right path, and make us stay.

p/s: i interviewed candidates for junior lecturer posts yesterday. i was as nervous as the candidates. pheww. never thought that one day, my decision would determine one's future. never.


  1. eh we are at the same age ke. all this while i tot u are a year wiser than me.. hehe.. anyway happy birthday!

    1. no laahhh. i already knew we were born in the same year hahaha. cuma mu matang lagi la dari aku wehhh. anak pun dh nak masuk dua hihi. tenkiuuuu!