Thursday, June 23, 2016

How it all happened

8 april, 2016. Right after work, we went to Alamanda for dinner. Though i was extremely tired, but the thought of cuci mata was so irresistable haha. Off we went, and as i was having bad discharge, i couldn't consume anything sweet. My dinner was just plain water and a piece of kfc chicken, and some potato wedges. Nyumsss. Back home, we slept early, not knowing that we were about to meet you soon. As usual i slept with hassle and you were extremely active in my tummy that night.

9 April, 2016. At 2+ am, i felt something strange. A sound came from down under. It wasn't the 'pop' sound, it was more of a crackling sound. Susah nak explain what sound was that haha. And then at around 3 suddenly i felt the urge to pee. As soon as i sat on the toilet bowl, water gushed out, and i thought it was my urine. But damm it was a lot haha. I smelled it, no odour. Cannot be la.. i'm just 34weeks, that was what i said to myself. So i cleaned up, the moment i stepped out from the toilet, another gush happened. A lot i tell youuuu. Basah depan toilet macam banjir. I was panicking, so i grabbed a pad, wore it, and the third gush happened. Took another pad, wore it, and kept thinking ni air ketuban ke apa ek adoiiila lembabnya omak kau ni hahahah.

I lied down, and fourth gush happened, and that was then i decided to wake your dad up. He was so sleepy, so his response was slow, like it was not an emergency at all. I was so worried i would wet the bed, i jumped off it and fell down on the floor haha. Your dad freaked out, tetiba terus alert haha bagus hilang mamai terus haha. He packed my bag, while i was getting ready. Getting ready lah sangat, omak pakai kain batik je hahaha. Changed another pad, and off we went to the hospital. I wet your dad's car seat hahaha macam nak kering dah rasa air ketuban tu.

Sampai hospital, got myself checked, yuppp it was my water, so i was admitted straight away. Thank god there was a bed for me or else i might be asked to get to other hospital. They put me for observation, did vce tapi bukaan cuma 0.5cm haha. The rest you can read here.

So that's your birth story. I didn't get to see you on the day you were born. I was heavily sedated, and i was too weak, and visiting hour was over. Oh, you were admitted to nicu for conginetal pneumonia. You had difficulty breathing few minutes after you were out from me. You did not cry, and you couldn't breathe, i was so sad hearing the news. Rasa helpless sangat. But that didn't weaken me. I didn't cry, i rested well that night so i would have the strength to visit you the next day. Your father didn't take your picture because he said it was heartbreaking to see you with wires and tubes, and he didn't want me to be sad seeing that. Plus, i had my water leaked for days therefore there were risks of infection yada yada yada so they had to put you on antibiotic and observation.

I walked to nicu the next day, entah mana dapat kekuatan nak pergi tengok anak. Wheelchair takde yang available, so pelan-pelan jalan hihi. Sanggup. Demi anak. Masa sampai jumpa doktor, doktor explained your condition, tertelan-telan air liur sebab sedih tapi tak mahu nangis. You were so small, so fair, mata sepet. Seronok dapat sentuh anak mak, you responded by crying. Terkejut kot tangan gemuk muncul tetiba bahaha. Admitted on tuesday, discharged on monday. During your stay, i tried nursing you tapi susahnya ya Allah. Weeks later baru i know why it was so hard for both of us huu.

We brought you back on monday evening, and hospital set an appointment with kk the next day. that night you were restless. You had fever, which was not normal but since tomorrow was your check up, tokma and i took turns to sleep and checked your temperature. Next day, i was asked to take you to the hospital, and you were admitted again for presumed sepsis. You didn't have fever anymore, but your blood tests showed you had an infection. So again antibiotic was on. I would come after lunch and stayed until maghrib. Nursing you, changed your diapers, talking to you though you slept most times haha. You were discharged on sunday evening, after days of quiet nights you are finally home.

We named you muhammad ali. I have long loved the name ali, and so is your father. May you become as strong as muhammad ali, physically and in faith, and may you own the wisdom of khalifah ali r.a, that later would shape you into a good human being. Ingatlah anak ku, manners make a man. So be a man.

You are a premature baby, and you will always be my baby. Dah tua esok pun masih lagi bayi mak selamanya hihi. Mak sayang ali. There are a lot more to tell about our journey, but later it will be. We have gone through things together, mak harap ali kuat for more to come. A lot more is coming, but fret not i will be there for you, always. InsyaAllah.

p/s: renyahnya taip guna hp hahaha.


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