Sunday, April 27, 2014

what people do not know about me.

i'm a cold person. i have to admit that. i am not good in showing my feelings towards others. most of the time, i show nothing. no passion over matters, no interest of anyone's business. most of the time, i care about my issues and nothing else.

since i am now married, i have learned to be extra nicer to certain people. as they judge, and i try not to be judged so yeah, why not be nice? but some of them take it as me showing interest. while i'm not hahaha. aku tak  minat nak ambil tahu, mahupun bercerita pasal orang. that's just not me.

since aku bukan that type of a person, it annoys me when they started to share things. hoihhh gila tak minat wehhh. yang tu gaduh dengan yang ni, yang ni tak puas hati dengan yang tu. sumpah, to be caught in between is the last thing on my list. expecially if it involves relatives/family/friends. 

tak boleh ke berbaik-baik? tak boleh ke bersatu hati? tak boleh ke hidup tanpa hasad dengki? semua pun nak terasa. semua pun nak kecil hati. rimassssssss. dengan orang tua pun nak terasa nak sentap. hoihhh aku kalau nak sentap, biar dengan laki sendiri je. yang lain tu bolayan jela.

sampai perbalahan dalam keluarga orang pun nak masuk campur. nak pening-pening jugak. apa kau takde life sendiri ke?

hahaha skang ni sapa penyibuk sangat ni? haiyooo so irritating la these people. gossiping, is the least of my concern. aku sampai rasa nak menjerit je bagitahu - i'm not INTERESTED to know. 

that, is one thing people do not know about me. 

gossip - is totally not me.

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