Wednesday, January 7, 2015

spoiled mood.

i think whatsapp is no good if it is abused. 
what i mean by abused, is when you know no limit when to text, and what to text. 
isn't it too much, texting after midnight?
though your intention was to advise, but still - couldn't it be done at other time?
mesti ke pukul 1-2 pagi? 
4 pagi?

get a life, please.

we created a group as to easily talk or discuss matters related.
kalau kerja, means it must be about kerja la kan?
keep it professional, tak boleh ke?

perlu ke cerita dalam group kerja - kau kena breastfeed anak segala?
which dalam tu ada staf laki bagai?
meanwhile you have another group - group mak-mak. 
wouldn't it be more appropriate there?

sorry, aku memang tak ada anak lagi.
tapi aku malu.
i feel it was so absurd, i almost said something,
which i know will not turn into something good later.
yelah, aku tak ada anak. 
who am i to say anything related to kids?

but seriously, beb?
cerita pasal nenen kau dalam group kerja?

i just can't imagine.

belum lagi yang bertazkirah pukul 2-3 pagi cerita pasal akhirat.
it's like orang tabligh datang ketuk pintu rumah kau, ajak solat malam.
benda diajak tu betul, tapi kena tak masanya?
ada rasa macam nak bagi penumbuk tak?

btw, memang aku silentkan group for a century, without notification.
but still, bangun pagi to read and face this kind of thing, oh my meluatnya hahahahaha.

terus spoil mood for the day.

atau mungkin ini tanda-tanda bendera merah makin hampir. 
that i am super duper annoyed with this.

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