Thursday, April 9, 2015

apa sudah jadi?

the nature of our job - we are not only educating; sometimes we have to do more than just that. to be a listener to them, to advise, to just be there so they know where they could turn to when things go wrong. we do more than just teaching the subject. we become curious when we sense something is not right. like when they did not turn up to class, we ask and we care. we scout here and there to get answers - and some would say we are being nosy, but we're not. seriously we have so much on our plates and we don't plan to add more. 

it is terrifying to know what the kids are capable of. we have many cases of them went missing - even family did not realise that their kids are not where they expect them to be. they followed newly-known-friends (usually girls) and we did our very best to find them back; to make sure they are safe. we did so many things here - visiting the hostel, weekly program with us of which we call it mentoring, etc etc etc. we do our very best to help parents in bringing up their children.

it is upsetting when there are parents accusing us this and that, saying unacceptable things to us when things go wrong with their kids. while we had done our best, where were you all this time? have you made sure that your kids attend classes? have you made sure your kids mingle with the right crowd? have you made sure your kids are okay? have you made sure that this is what you kids want? that they want to be here, in the very first place?

we are happy to have your kids. but it won't work if they don't have the heart to stay. you have to make them understand why they are sent here. why they need to study. why it is important to be educated. all the whys must be answered by you first, then us - the teachers. i know that's our job, but i thought parents should know better. 

listen to what your kids have to say. their thoughts matter. we have issues here now. students are so much into depression - they have to depend on medicine to stay calm and yes, normal. how bad you think it is now? 

i know life is hard. and i know parents want no more than just the best thing for the kids. splurging money on them helps. but to be there is more crucial for the kids. this is the time when their mind wanders and wonders. they need us. please do not abandon them, thinking that they are adults so they could find answers to life. just like all of us grown ups who sometimes get lost in this world - they are just the same.

why am i suddenly rambling like this?

i face them everyday. knowing them in trouble upsets me. maybe i concern too much, but isn't that good for a teacher? by looking at them, i could instantly know they are in trouble. how can i not help?


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