Tuesday, December 13, 2011

discriminatory fashion sense.

i hate fashion. seriously. with my body shape and measurement, i hate fashion even more. i just don't get it. why on earth fashion designers love to design inappropriate clothing and sometimes not practical at all.

being a plus size woman is never an advantage in fashion. almost all clothes are not meant for people like us. i'm not fat, i'm just voluptuous, bebeh hahahaha.  this entry is actually inspired by what kinds of clothing sold in genting. there, it is super hard to find a straight cut jeans. it is like an arena for fitted jeans - that are usually wore by cinoni, if you get what i mean heheh.

don't be surprised, yeah i went to genting just to shop *blurghh*. no, i didn't. i went there without any proper plan which later ended up with me and baju kurung. how cool is that, huh? penuh dengan cinoni tempat tuh weh, gila tak boleh blah. and people stared at me like i'm some kind of an alien. i passed by two persons wearing baju kurung too - but one is a granny and another is a mother with a kid bahaha what the what sob3.

everybody there was trying so hard to look stylish and elegant and pretty - but some didn't manage to look pleasing. my love and i had become fashion police unintentionally. ada yang super merepek you feel like asking them to change. but well, who am i to say so - aku pun pakai baju tak kena gaya di tempat fengtau begitu hohoho.

but don't worry. can't shop in genting doesn't mean i cannot shop anywhere else. that day i went to klcc and i saw one nice long sleeved shirt but lets put it on hold because i've spent sooo much these days and i think i'm in super debt now hahaha padanlah muka.

now i understand how good it feels to just spend money without having to think too much about it. it's awesome, serious shit man. how i wish i can have that freedom again. 

i think plus size is pretty. 
it's the new term for sexy.

siapa setuju angkat tangan!


  1. sy setuju! hahaha...urmmm..midv ade bju beh?

  2. hehehe meh2 salam geng. entah haritu fokus cari kasut jadi tak tengok la pulak tang baju hik2.

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