Wednesday, January 4, 2012

age won't define someone's maturity.

it's kinda sad and funny to read my cousin's blog. sad that she got married young, and even younger than my eldest sister but already a single mother with three kids, but funny at the way she handles her emotions and problems. i believe a single mother has to be strong for the children, even though the pain is unbearable yet you cannot let the children know as it will burden them more. enough with the divorce that they have to endure. you don't have to add some salt to the cut. and by the way, that's what mothers would do. sacrificing once you become one, for the rest of your life.

she has been divorced with talak tiga. so no more turning back. do something about it. falling in love is not the major focus now. haih you have children, why bother about guys not loving you as much as you want them to? i pity my nieces. seriously sorry for them. but since i'm not even close to them there's nothing i can do. even if i do, what can i do?

i'm not good with children. if i am, i would be a mom by now. but that's not the point. this thing opens my eyes. family planning is essential. that parents need to show good examples to children. problem is, i don't think my cousin's parents show good moral to be followed. the family is wrecked by themselves. what i pity.

who am i to say a thing about others' family while mine is also not perfect at all? i just wish that i could shape my own little future family *ehem* differently. like i mentioned earlier in my previous post - my children don't have to live in pressure thinking about being successful academically. it's just fine that they are good kids with good attitude and adab budi pekerti yang tinggi. in future, i think keeping the good values is a real challenge than getting education.

i'm an educator. i know how easy it is now to be educated. but one to be fulfilled with good values? let's just think about it when the time comes. for now, i just wanna sit back and enjoy my a-year-added-age. fuhhh already imagining myself on the beach sipping a glass of cold drink. vacation, anyone?


  1. public bank= perth or kk dear? hahahah..kiddin~

  2. kk boleh perth pun ok. janji ada beach hahaha.