Wednesday, January 11, 2012

do you know how it feels? when you love something so badly?

i'm just soooo into grey and yellow. weird, that's what mama calls me. but i love it. even chose it for my hantaran theme. crazy, i know. but can't help myself from falling in love with these colours. sooooo pretty. lets look at all of these pictures and please put up your hand if you agree that the colours are awesome~

beautiful, aren't they? let's see if i can come out with awesome hantaran decorations with these awesome colours.

*credit to google for all photos.


  1. cntik..tpi yellow die kne pastel sket. teta grey n rim yellow xde? hehehe

  2. halamaaakkk tapi riben untuk bunga telor striking sikit la yellow dia bahahahaa. tapi bunge telor je kot so biau ahh. tu pun beli sebab offer. nak gunanya tah bila wahahaha.

  3. btw hihihi trauma lagi pasal rim. nanti dah kayo mungkin boleh suka-suka tukar rim kunen.

  4. sbr sbr. hihi udah le tu rim tu..tahan kot lgi 2+thn..hua3.