Tuesday, January 24, 2012

between broadband that sucks and the stupid wifi.

i'm in torn between staying with the wifi provided by my apartment or opt for a broadband service from celcom. both have the equal amount of pros and cons so again, i don't know what to choose. both offer super slow internet services so i think either one is not good for my temper so why bother to choose, anyway.

by the way, i've been living in this small apartment for more than two years and i love it to the max.

until today. not that i fall out of love with it, it's just that i'm unhappy with the space.

i find it so hard to keep my home tidy because it is just wayyyy toooo smaaaaaall for my stuff. yeah, staying alone with no cats (tetiba) but hell too much things to keep. and i guess this happens because i don't have proper almari. i don't have even one cupboard or a proper wardrobe - funny heh.

i did buy things from ikea like penyidai lekat kat dinding (what the what i can't think of the name of it), and i have open shelves. in my bedroom i have a queen bed, but i'm staying alone so now tell me why the bed is here, again. i'm thinking of using my single bed that i put in the third bedroom. but i love the big space my bed offers as i can just roll wherever i love on it and not worried of falling teheeeee.

but at the same time, if nothing comes wrong (god forbids, please), i'm going to embark (ececeh vocab tak menahan) on an adventurous journey which is becoming a student again so i need a place to do my work and study. no more on the bed, like before because my back is killing me softly (now the song keeps on playing in my head - killing me softly.. killing me softly.. with his songggggg wth).

and i hate the color of my bed. who would want to sleep on a maroon frame bed, huh? white or black is awesome so might want to paint it if possible. and my study desk - crap. since i don't own a dressing table - everything lays on it. and to make it worse, my home is super prone to dust as i'm living on the first floor where most of my windows and open kitchen are facing the parking lots. 

and i tell you, i just had a nose surgery so dust is the last thing i wish to suck in. haih so many things i can't live with yet that's what i have around me. i can't eat a lot of foods but that doesn't bother me at all. but not dust. it's killing me softly again dammm can this song just stop?

i wish i can spend some money to keep my things organized. and i want someone to help, if possible. to help me decide of things i shouldn't keep. bahahahaha i'm such a collector. i know there's a name of it but can't figure it out for now.

time to go. my home is a mess. but thank god i have a boyfriend who cares to buy me chocolates so it keeps me full at least for a while. so chocolates, here i come. muahhhhhhhxxxxxxxx.

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  1. bb tu..susah nk decide kn. ngu3 kang bli xbeh plak. wugi dh. kui3..alamat kne wat unjuran bebed tu.