Monday, January 14, 2013

the reflection.

this morning, i looked into the mirror.
and i saw my dad.

because i have some of his features.
not his ghost sheeessshhhhh.

small eyes, round nose, small mouth, full lips, round face, and pointed chin.
and i have his dimples.

it reminds me how he used to look like.
minus the tudung la kan hihihi.
bila pakai tudung terus jadi muka mak hahaha.
plus, i have my mom's high cheekbones.

it makes me think, that my mom and dad are actually looking quite the same.
orang kata kalau muka ada persamaan, jodohnya panjang.

is it?
i don't think i look like my other half.

btw, this is just another purposeless entry.

happy monday, ya'll!
yet, i'm still home.

monday blues la katakannnnn.

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