Monday, January 14, 2013

what comes next; just after the turbulence.

haruslah entri emo tu kena remove hahaha. like i said, it would just be temporal. emosi aku ni turun naik. lately banyak yang tak baik daripada yang baik huhuhu. let's just wish it's over soon, okay?

i watched 'a little bit of heaven'. sobsss menangis sedu-sedu. i'm not sure whether it was caused by the hormone, or due to the fact i know how it feels when the one you love dearly died - so i can relate. or, aku memang cengeng bahahaha. but it was a good movie though. 

my other half and i talked about going oversea for quite some time. at first, it was me. but just now it was him. thinking that i could be away for a year, without working excites me bahahaa. we'll see how it goes as time goes by. the more possible way to go is dia yang sambung instead of me sebab he is sponsored by FAMA. aku pulak, unfortunate enough as i just found out MARA tak cover my course. thanks MARA, thanks JPA for excluding us from your consideration!

my wedding prep has gone to another level - up to one point i feel like i should have another blog just to talk about my wedding. i already have a name for it bahahahaha. 

for now, i'm like 99% sure to have it. God, give me the signs please.

phewww. never know getting married is distressing.

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