Monday, December 17, 2012

just when i think life is treating me so nice.

i am wrong.

sometimes i'm wondering, is it the hormone or i really think that life has been bad to me all this while? just when i want to think that i love my life, one after another test is coming. it's like telling me, don't be happy and content just yet.

i know, i shouldn't feel this way but i can't help it. syaiton yang direjam sungguh perasaanku ini. people who don't really know the situation must definitely instantly say what an evil i am. entahlah, cerita banyak pun tak guna. like i said, orang tak faham sebab aku pun tak pernah cerita detail kat sini hewehwehwhew. 

sedih. dahlah takda bapak. back up takdak hihi. anak yatim memang begini sob sob sob. i talked to the other half regarding this; and he said we would just proceed with what has been planned. i should say nothing, and ask nothing. pretend like i know nothing and don't get involve in anything. yang aku pulak lepas tu sebuk sedih no more bilik pengantin sebab surely aku kena mengalah. terus kena marah bahahahahha.

but surely ni hormone je kot. takkan la aku evil camni wehhh hahahaha.

back home, just to find out rumah dilanda ribut. habis dapur dan bilik. buku basah sob sob sob sedihhhhhhhhhhhhh. should be in class now, tapi aku terlalu penat nak pikir apa pun. i just want the day to end.

before that, lets take my ass off the couch, go to class, then settle tonight's event before i can call it off for today. wish me luck.

and Lord, grant me patience.

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