Monday, December 10, 2012

tuah ayam nampak di kaki.

i know sometimes i love to whine. i make my life, my job, my other half, people around me as the contributors.  i pour almost everything here; but that's not all about me. people who know me personally wouldn't believe i would have such emotions hahahaha. that's another reason why i'd love to be unknown. i don't want to be judged. 

my life is not perfect. but that doesn't mean i don't love it. i love all the people around me - they make me who i am. although i may be whining about how they drive me crazy, still i treasure their existence. this year has almost ended. knowing that fact makes me wonder; what have i done in my life so far? 

to be honest, this year has been so kind to me. i'm now a permanent staff, being promoted as the head of department, and my study is showing good progress. i have to admit that God is fair. despite all the good things in my life now, i still have my down moments. but i know, this will not last. definitely.

entri ni sebenarnya panjang, tapi aku dah padam. macam jiwang sangat nanti muntah darah bahahaha. 

kita sudahi celoteh kita hari ini dengan ucapan, selamat hari lahir wahai sultan. *tetiba*

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