Thursday, July 7, 2011

when you don't synchronize hands and brain.

two days ago i forgot to take my atm card from the cdm.
i just left without looking back. 
so yesterday i went to do a new atm card with hassle.
serve me right la kan heh.

dah lah before that aku masukkan no account yang salah padahal it was obviously wrong.

and i notice that sometimes i am very much influenced by what i do for living.
for example, i know i want to write 'console' at my bf's blog but i wrote 'consult' instead.
or i want to say 'too' but i wrote with less o.
or when i want to say than it becomes then.

and there were times i just wrote without checking the spelling.
either i was too angry or too busy or that was just a quicky.

and i notice that when i'm busy and too focused on something, i don't even hear my phone rings. or anything people say.

i just stare with a blank face.
as if i'm somewhere else.

am i weird?

oh see.
too focused writing this till i didn't notice i have a message on my phone waiting to be replied.
isk isk.


  1. hik3 comelnye luf blur2 ayam ni...jaga atm card tu elot2 ye..

  2. ngu3 memang la kena jaga elot2 kalau tak cemana nak buat misi ke perak pergi dan balik in one day tu pulak nnt keh3.