Wednesday, October 17, 2012

kebaikan kedekut.

this is just my two cents, so no hard feelings okayhh.

lately, i notice that it has become a trend for my people to do things like westerners do. i understand each and every person must have a solid reason of doing it, but i just hope that we aren't living in denial. 

and i truly understand, some of the reasons are solely for celebrating, meraikan dan segala yang baik belaka. tetapi hati-hatilah, jangan sampai membelakangkan apa yang patut. kadang dalam kita terlalu ghairah membuat sesuatu, adab, budaya dan agama jadi pertaruhan.

to some, i may not fit to say a thing about this. but 'this' has been bothering me for quite some time; and to think of my children will be raised and surely exposed to 'this', i'm more than worried here.

call me paranoid - but i care for my children even they are still nowhere to be found bahahaha.

what is 'this', you may ask. not gonna say it here as i know it's super sensitive to many. i can't say much on this, cukuplah aku coret serba sedikit di sini sebagai peringatan untuk diri sendiri bahawa not everything that has become a trend is good to be followed. not only it's a waste of money but also, when a trend is 'religiously' followed and practiced by others, sooner or later it then becomes a culture.

not something that i want to live in. cukuplah kita dah ada culture yang so sickening now. please people, do think before you start adopting others' way of life blindly and make it as yours. 

meriah memang meriah. but back to basic - is it really necessary? i bet you have the answer if only you open up yourself and start to think deeply about it.