Tuesday, October 2, 2012

support system.

when you decide to do something not ordinary, be sure of it.
make sure you own a very good support system.

when i decide to further my studies, i thought i'm alone is sufficient.
but i was wrong.
very much wrong.

i'm strong but i'm still human.
there are times i feel like backing off.
there are times i feel like raising the white flag.
there are times i feel like ending it all.

mom - no.
she's just too occupied with something, somebody else.

siblings - no.
i think they just don't care or maybe they think i'm fine on my own.

the other half - no.
he thinks i'm wonderwoman.

friends - no.
i don't even have a good one.

there are times i feel like crying wholeheartedly under the pillow.
but that's just too childish for my age.

who am i going to impress, actually?

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