Saturday, February 25, 2012

i'm a happy lady.

everything has gone quite pleasing this year. a good year, perhaps. life has been treating me nicely, so far - alhamdulillah. even though the year has just started, i hope it will continue to be good till the end of the year.

tiada kata mampu diungkap untuk menyatakan betapa aku sangat lega when she is okay with me now. i know that it may not be like before, but having her back is more than i could ask for. i wish i can thank her, but it's better i act normal i don't want to scare her off, again bahahahaa.

i don't know how it happened, but very very glad that we're okay. at least, for me, it is. moga it stays like this sampai bila-bila. or if it changes, perhaps it would be better. and for me, just to mind what i say and do - and don't simply forgive and forget - and don't simply trust anyone.

even myself. even my judgment. even my reasoning. eh eh.

on the other hand, i'm just curious how am i going to study with the party held down here. boommm baaaammmm boooommmmm the music is going to be loud, and it would be worse if they start to sing off tune. haihhhh.

i dreamed of moving out - but with little money i have, i know it will just remain as a dream for the time being. for now, i'm supporting myself  - i rent a house, living alone means all the bills are on me, and i have a car to pay and feed bahahaaa. and i have debts to pay. 

should remind my kids not to take any study loan. eh must remind them. or should remind myself not to sign any agreement bahahahaaa. and for that, i should start saving for their future. 

ehhhh kahwin pun belum dah fikir hal education anak-anak. i'm totally distracted now. pfffftttt.


  1. hehehe nnti kawen kite crk umh len tau. hihihihi. study la mne yg dan. i pun tunggu transfer sume ikan..bru bleh plan aktiviti. xde cuci pun..biar je kolam kewing sndri.

    1. hihihi wajib, okay. sian pinky - usaha menyelamat gagal huhuhu. mungkin lambat sangat korang bertindak. ke dia memang dah tua hihihi.