Wednesday, February 8, 2012

to ponder.

we choose what we want in life. we choose what we want to hear, and what we want to say or how we want to act and react. yet. we've let people hurt us with their words, actions and whatever.

we tend to forget when people compliment us on how radiant we look, or how nice our clothes are. but we always remember who had told us how fat we are or how pale we look.

we tend to forget the excitement of being told happy news. yet we always recall for the feelings upon being given a bad news.

we tend to forget how wonderful people were when things were on the right place. nevertheless we keep on telling ourselves about the hurt they did accidentally.

we tend to forget that we've hurt others in ways we sometimes didn't even know. but we are always confident that we are a saint.

we tend to forget that forgiving is just the way of moving on. yet we let painful memories linger around as long as they can.

we tend to forget that we can actually choose what we want in life. yet we always make the decisions that will end up hurting ourselves more and more.

i actually forgot that i'm one of we. so let's ponder on this and do something. happy Wednesday, all. may today is brighter than before.

i just love the melody. sangat membuai-buai terasa jiwang sekejap bahaaaaa.


  1. betul! saya putar halim!. eh merepet plak..kof3 batuk..

    1. saya putar abang halim ahh. kena respek yang lagi tua.. hahaha.