Thursday, February 23, 2012

write right. and read more and more and more and more.

i've started my classes this week. belajar and mengajar. both. quite busy and pack so i'm very much exhausted by thursday which is today. i notice that i can't be hungry for long, i would have terrible headache afterwards.

my fault though, i ate only maggi cup for lunch and nothing more until 8+pm. may have to consider bringing some snacks in my handbag, just in case. life is a bit messy, because i have the least awesome time management skill huhu. need to arrange and put everything on schedule, and some plans on reading.

have to start doing the exam questions, and at the same time do extensive readings for literature review, and read all the articles and chapters for classes - discourse analysis and research methods. aku sedang mencari cara agar tidak termenung atau tertidur bila membaca.

plus the problem is, both books are super duper expensive. i'm not only gonna burn a hole in my pocket but the whole bank account, i may say. RM200 book voucher? seketul buku pun tak dapat, okay. the price of books for my course are very exorbitant.

how i wish i'm a millionaire. but then it would defeat the purpose of me going back to school, la kan? yupppp. knowledge is the second. i'm more looking forward for better income hehehehe.

i'm so a materialistic lady, now. what the world has become. *blame me not haha*


  1. tayah tulis dlm blog pun tau u mls nk mkn kalau org x ajak. humpp!..susah nk biar u uruskn jadual mse u makan.

  2. i need a manager. would you like to become one?

  3. bkn selama ni mmg cmtu ker..merangkap supir.

  4. amboi macam tak ikhlas je jaga i selama ni.. supir ye hummmpphhh.. tahun neh i tayah renew lesen mandu. baru betul jadik supir.

  5. ade upah ak? hihihi..lesen mati biler? kui3.

    1. upah kasih sayang tu mahal okay. dah la jinak-jinak merpati i neh bahahaaaa. bulan 11 kot.