Thursday, April 12, 2012

is it wrong to be ambitious?

i dream for so many things.
and i dare not tell.

too ambitious, they said.
it will hurt you, they said.
one thing at a time, they said.
too young, no rush, they said.

i'm reaching thirty.
and i want things to be called as my own.
call me greedy.
greedy moves me forward.
dreams motivate me.
what about you?


  1. yep jgn dgr ckp org. the more u dream, the more drive u get..the more effort u have..the better result u can get. heheh then we both geniusta!

  2. eh nk tulis bm..jd gk...hahaha mamai..nantot2 ptg ni.

    1. tu la terkejut gak ingat lesbian mana plak tadi hahahahaa.