Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah.

the post title has nothing to do with how i feel now. in fact, i'm super bored with tones of things to do yet cannot do. God, i need my motivation booster.

i also need extra patience in dealing with people. i don't blame them, it's me not them. i'm the one who can't stand them irritating me with their attitude. and God please, please let me have control over what i say.

don't let me spurt things i would regret later. but shoot, they are really pressing my nerve sometimes. please please please i want patience and perseverance. i need them both.

and i need 3.75 at least this semester. and the next semester. 

grrrrr ask for more, do so little. sempat blog lagi some more hihihihi. need my focus too. maybe i should pin some photos on the wall of what i want when i have the financial freedom so that i'll be more motivated.


  1. mari menari wingle2 bersama. lot easier than dubstep. hahaha

    1. you tak menari betul-betul nanti... siapppppp. hahahaa.