Friday, April 6, 2012

this is it.

this morning, i jumped off the bed, awakened by the sound of my phone ringing. it was my supervisor. i was surprised but she just asked how i was doing, how were the classes, and what did i do since i started my study because she hasn't seen me for about six weeks. she even requested for me to fill in the supervisor nomination form asap and then set up frequent meetings so we can meet more. we talked about marketing activities as we are both in it and we gossiped a bit about people bahahahaaaa how cool is she huh?

by the way, i guess this is it. time to get more serious. but first lets see how quick i'll reach the office. it's 10.30am, and i am still in my home sweet home. life is such a leisure hewhewhew.

may today is full with good news and happiness.


  1. alaa bb kn bagus orgnye. hehehe hidup mesti positip! semoga hari anda akan lbh ceria.

    1. haha bagus berlakon ado ah. skema ayat hujung kau tu nyahhhh hahahhaa tapi terima kasih, moga hari anda pun lebih ceria. bila nak jumpa nehhhhhh. rindu nak cakap merapu.