Sunday, June 19, 2011

my time is up.

just got back from a family vacation with a sunburned face. i kinda realize that i'm not so young at heart anymore because water slides, banana boat and jet ski scare me. demm i feel so old now haha.

on the other hand, i would say that may this be the last time for all family members to gather outside my mom's house. i think it's just too difficult for us to stay in one roof without arguing as we are all having our own set of mind. towards the end, my mom is the most disappointed person. not that we don't love each other, of course we do because we are family.

but undeniably, sometimes age and the way you think make people sick. especially if it comes along with a big and bitchy mouth and a sour face. i don't say i'm a good sister, but i don't boss around as much as you do and i have my own life to care so i don't really bother to check on them every second of my life. you get what i mean?

ah whatever.

just wanna say, there is a probability that everyone is going to lose their mind in some time and at that time, i wish i could just shut up and not yelling around like a mad woman.

because now, that's how i feel to do so much.

i know you're nice. and you have the most patient husband in the world. and of course he wouldn't feel good about how we treat you. i know it was wrong because you are older but how i wish you could be more sensible and understanding. for now he may not say anything but i know he would later. but how i wish he could advise you to use your brain to its full potential and start acting at your age. and please stop being hati busuk and pessimistic.

and please, stop buying us with money. we don't buy it. at least for me.


  1. respect tak boleh dibeli dgn wang. hati sakit + stress watper kn.

  2. ngu3 respect kalau dibeli dengan wang, bila wang hilang respect pun terbang.

    kalau nak dihormati, hormati orang dulu. dunia kan ada hukum karma. ini labur duit banyak-banyak kemudian harap orang sujud di kaki. bila tak jadi macam yang dikehendaki habis semua kena maki.

    doesn't sound like respect at all ah to me ngu3.