Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i'm in need of so many things that will cost me a bomb laaaaah~

i need to lose weight more and more huhuhu. tadi naik scale macam nak pitammmm. ini semua gara-gara tak jaga makan huhuhu.

in making this attempt successful, i really want to save up some money to buy a digital weighing scale. second, i need to start cooking healthy meals and when i eat out, i need to care for my calories intake.

like shitly serious. 

today, i worked out tak rasa nak muntah. which is good. up till now pun tak rasa nak muntah. happppppppyyyyyyy. i think the key is to eat two hours before you workout. hurmmmmm.

anddddddd i offered myself to work as a part timer at the gym. money is not the main factor, i am doing it more of i want to be there as much as i can hahahahhaa so that i can work my ass off. motivation, huh? duit, second.

having said about money, i've just done my rangka expenditure. i'm already broke before the time comes. haihhhhh sedih tengok belanjawan sendiri. harapnya the other half tak lupakan aku bila senang.

i know he won't. kalau nak kena kuntau ngan aku silalah lupa diri bahahahahhaa garang tak mak, nyah??

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