Saturday, November 17, 2012

where did i get such a taste?

for now i'm so in love with tissot after seing a dear friend wearing it. i dream to own one but after looking at how much it will cost me; well, maybe in five years time we'll see huhu.

the other half always answers why he likes me when asked with this: because hati awak baik. cetttt. i don't feel that way though. i feel like a bitch especially when i'm super annoyed with how dependent his brother and his wife on him. haihhhh.

and to make it worse, i had issues with his wife some time ago. sometimes it does hunt me down even though i've tried my very best to just let go and live my life as the way it is. it hurt wayyy so much back then so should i be blamed to still feel the pain once in a while?

i'm bad, i know. i just couldn't let it go as much as i want it to. just wish no one triggers the emotion of mine. but whatever.

i'm more worried on how things will be when we are married. this kind of family dependency is not easy to deal with. sometimes i feel bad for my family. i don't do justice to my own family. terrible terrible me. i tend to say no to them. but the other half doesn't have such strength; i guess he's wayyy more kind than i am.

haih super clingy in laws can really drive you crazy, huh? 
welcome marriage nightmare.


  1. omg omg i so can relate with the dependent in laws.

    nanges i tell you! i wish i could heret him far far away from our hometown *_*

    anyway, HIS wife? *puzzled face*

    1. haha i don't cry, i was just being honest by telling him straight away after i posted this entry. but i don't think he would be happy to know i wrote things like this here hoho. esok lusa aku padam la entri ni hahaha.

      i couldn't drag him away because aku gatai nak reside here some more hahahaha. and that won't be that wise pun sebab he's so kind you can't say no and i like his family though hihi.

      his wife is actually refers to his brother's wife la. aku dengan dia memang baik, and i know she's very independent cuma kadang-kadang macam suka mintak tolong dengan my other half tapi entah la i guess aku je yang melebih-lebih. jeles kot bahahahaha.

  2. yeapp.. my in laws pun semua okay I dont have problem with them kira masuk la jugak nak sembang ke tapi sikit-sikit pun call my hubby pls do this do that come here take this food, oh we cook this pls come, pls tapau and all... dah la masa tu kami LDR kan. skrg ni dah close x tau la cemana....

    sbb aku terbiasa dengan famili aku wat hal sendiri. so bila hubbyku begitu mcm x biaseee

    1. totally understand that hahaha. his family cam ada pattern akan keluar makan besar few times in a week. and since aku decide nak reside like 20min from his parents' house aku rasa nanti pas kahwin pun aku akan melalui moment-moment spend more time with the in laws. tapi bagusnya aku dah cakap, seronokkkk sebab weekdays your family, weekend my family. weekend salu family aku meriah sikit so okaylah hahahaha nampak tak plan licik aku?

      family aku selalu jeles even now tak kahwin lagi pun they keep saying aku asyik dengan belah sini haih susah kan? what to do kalau mak dia asyik ajak aku hahaha.

  3. and aku pun x boleh write it in my blog because he reads my blog so here am i ranting in other people's blog hahahah sorrrryyyy

    1. its okay beb. kadang geram tak tau nak citer kat sapa kan. aku pun kadang kalau tetiba bersastera kat sini ni, paham-paham jela kekdahnya nak jujur sangat macam jahat jadi bias-bias jela hahaha.

      aku plak dah harommm kan bf aku baca blog aku hahahhaa. kalau dia baca diam-diam tu tataula kan.

      *komen kat atas tu terguna id tuk my other half plak. salah tekan akibat ghairah nak reply hahaha.