Sunday, October 23, 2011

it's not funny when it's you who got pranked at, isn't it?

hari ini aku lalui dengan begitu tenang walaupun tidur pagi tadi sedikit terganggu dan malam ini aku marahkan dengan sesuatu. but now, sangat marah. i don't find it amusing when you fool people with that kind of act. macam sial. dan yang paling membuatkan aku marah, niat aku baik. cuma nak tengok aku color blind ke tak. and it's just for a good reason. tapi jadi marah sebab end up it wasn't intended to let you know whether you're color blind but more to scare you. macam shit dowh. and i sleep alone tonight at the back room, and it's just few metres away from the muslim cemetry. shiiit gila. abyrad, aku banned blog kau from now on. wth wthhhh. haih sometimes it's true when people say curiosity kills a cat. my curiosity has made me lose my good sleep because now i can't even close my eyes. and my heart pumps like it has just done a 100m race. dammit.


  1. bb pnah ke lawi kn atlit badminton..

  2. eeee geget kang..