Thursday, October 27, 2011

when i wish life is more generous. and movies comparison: al hijab vs paranormal 3.

no, actually i'm hoping for my organization to be more generous by raising up my monthly earning. or at least provide me with more opportunities to earn more. either way, just wanna say i wish what i get could be more than now. or at least give me two or three months bonus. heh sounds ungrateful pulak.

but then, in this so expensive world, who wouldn't ask for more? even beggars now can choose. they would go for somewhere they could beg and earn better.

masih tiada perkhabaran tentang bonus. aku tak mengharapkan apa-apa. tapi kalau ada, akulah manusia paling gembira tehheeee.

aku adnan saladin. akulah raja libas wtf *tetiba sebab tv dibuka di depan dan ada iklan libas*

haih bilalah orang kita nak maju dalam dunia filem. do something interesting la beb. bukan nak membenci filem orang sendiri, tapi aku tengok cerita al hijab penuh dengan rasa sumpah seranah dan kepanasan sebab berkelubung dalam shawl *sebab hantu suka terjah-terjah kau*. bukan a good horror movie, for me. but if you're are into hideous ghosts who would play hide and seek, high pitch screaming voice or creepy sound effect and repetitious lines and ridiculous script or pelakon yang agak kayu, go for it. but if you're looking for a movie which can stop your heart and you can't even scream because it's just too scary - i would super recommend paranormal 3. but bear in mind, this is not the kind of a movie yang you akan takut terbawa-bawa sampai balik rumah.

heh sedikit bias ulasan movie aku but well, i don't care. that's just my opinion. a smart person would take it as a criticism and try to improve. those who are not so smart would again give the same excuses saying we are not supportive la bla bla bla. whatever. you nak i support, give me good quality movies. i'll pay, don't worry.

by the way, we spent min RM100 just for movies per month. so, again talking about how i wish life would be generous on me is just so so ironic. bahahaha. whatever. we're movie freaks.


  1. taktik selimut mmg ngeri sakai...seb bek xde selimut puteh kt umah.

  2. i lagi takut tang tarik rambut tuh. and banyak part lain lagi hahahaha. pendek kata memang penakot ah.