Tuesday, June 12, 2012

another year older.

what have i achieved so far? hurrrmmm. i own a car, a stable job, a stable income but not so stable expenditure bahahaha. i have fine lines, near my nose and mouth; i guess that's because i talk so much or it's just about time.

should i be talking about if i've matured more than before? it's hard to say because one may not see the way i see it. do i have regrets in life? as much as you do, i bet. i regret for things i did and i did not. being a year older, i know i'm not supposed to be sad when people don't remember it, but i just am so whatever.

well, another year. i was born today few years back horaaayyy. to those who appreciate my existance would definitely cheer for it. rejoicing it. but those who aren't, i know they are just too busy. we have lives to keep, haven't we?

i've changed my blog header. i think it's no longer about vengeance or being vulgar. i'm just being myself but if you can't handle it, keep yourself away then. it's that simple. i'm not asking for more, just that years to come would be more meaningful and i'm blessed always.

i know i couldn't ask for more. who am i kidding? i'm just nobody. i think i should keep a cat to be my friend. yeah, at this age, i suck big time in keeping friends. i'm problematic. i'm demanding. i highly expect on others. haih. i just wanna write without being judge. but who am i to say that? i judge too.

so, basically that's it. another year older. when i was small, i dreamed big. i dreamed to be a doctor at this age, and i'm married this year. but i guess i have to pass those on. another year older, i have my career but i have no friends and i'm lonely.

so that's all.

oh yeah, i promise to use english more. read more. write academically more. up up here we go! wish me luck, all.

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