Tuesday, June 5, 2012

let's call it a day.

the day had begun quite late. i slept at four, so that 's pretty reasonable. i got ready, had my breakfast with two pieces of toast and kaya spread, and a glass of orange juice. that's healthy, if i would say.

arrived at the office, started to key in marks, and signed documents after checking them up. had a discussion with my partner for the assignment while busy shuffling between papers, exam results and reports to verify. my stomach cried to be fed, but ignored the call until everything was settled. went to the main office just to find out it was close. looked at the watch and it hit me that it was half of lunch time. 

headed to the pantry, thought of having a cup of warm vico, favourite drink recently after i called a quit on caffeine. went in, just to discover the playing god act was going on but wished to stay, 'cause i really wanted the drink. didn't do much talking, as i'm not into the topic discussed - i just wished i had steered my self away earlier but guess it was too late. so i listened and i was furious. i got irritated with how they judge matters - so i left without my drink. 

by that time i was trembling - i needed sugar so bad and my mood was turned upside down. i know i prayed before i slept that i want to be a happy person, but up till noon it was no avail. i was more annoyed by certain things (i shall not mention here for the sake of my life huhu) but pretended everything was okay, again for the sake of being a happy person hessshh.

waited at the workshop, trembling because i was hungry although i had breakfast. i blame my brain because when i think too much, my energy dries faster than me doing nothing - duhhh stating the obvious, didn't i? had my light lunch, i planned to have ikan pari bakar but it was late by the time we were done so no more. ate mee kari instead with the best thirst quencher - if such word exists; in my living area so far. still fabulous.

headed to watch MIB, so thirsty i wonder since when i become a hippo hessshhh. thinking of buying mineral water, but i was seduced by soda bahahaha blame the soda instead of my self. during that movie, my stomach was cranky. i thought of what made it so upset. and at the same time my head spun. and the couple behind my seat was stupid; kept on kicking my seat wtf. i had issues with seats being shaken - it can make me puke. so yeah, i was forcing myself to bear with the situation because the movie was awesome - i had ninjas merewang potong bawang at the end of it bahahaa.

once the movie was over, i couldn't wait even a second because it was so bad - i tried not to stop because my journey back home was still far and i didn't want to flat myself in the restroom. that's the last thing i want to do. that's why i requested to stop somewhere nearby. my stomach kept on contracting bahaha i felt like giving birth right then what a feeling phewwwwww.

but that didn't stop me from going to pasar malam looking for my food for dinner. i've been craving yong tau foo since saturday so i basically dragged myself to get it. sooo dramatic, isn't it? hihi. despite the pain i still had the determination to hit the gym - i want to sweat like a pig. no no i don't want to be a pig - just the sweat although i've never seen a sweaty pig but that's not the point.

i got ready - after three more trips to the toilet - puking and ciriting bahahahahaa. just to discover my face towels are all not available. soooo ain't no gym tonight boy.

i shall call it a day because now, i'm so exhausted. oh potty, i'm coming to you like NOW. 

NOW. right after i hit the publish button, btw.


  1. hhihihi geat a rest tau luf. get well soon. saje la tu perot nk reset. "release the kraken!"

  2. hahah adoi...boleh la tu. hehehe mkn dh yong?

    1. belum. i lost my appetite already. sooo not feeling good.