Sunday, June 10, 2012

taking a few minutes break.

these few days, the weather is extremely hot, and it's not helpful at all in completing my assignments. by the way, this is just a short update of my current progress. i'm almost done, still have like two pages more to write huhuhu.

i notice that when i use my brain to the max, i get sweaty pretty much and plus, the weather is terribly hot nowadays. and yeah, when i use my brain so much, i'll end up gobbling everything that is edible on my desk. and i drink a lot too hence resulting a lot of toilet trips.

but then i'm a happy lady despite the urgency to pee - i was super scared when my left abdomen was in pain. it's a sign of your dehydrated kidney, people. i drank quite little lately so that explains. be alert of what' going on in your body; feel them, realize them early.

sometimes it's good to be paranoid.


  1. teringat plak air peach tea. hihihihi.

    1. aah nnt nk menum sambil buat esemen hihii.