Wednesday, June 6, 2012

review on snow white and the huntsman - from my pov.

i'm supposed to do a write up on analyzing hybrid genre of dentistry pamphlets, but i'm so not in the mood haih. ni ke pelajar konon nak cemerlang nak convert ni?? grrrrrr.

back to what i want to say regarding the movie - i think it didn't win my heart. the title should just be snow white; the huntsman - you have no idea what the title has to do with him. yes, he was there so was everyone else. the plot wasn't what we expected and the biggest disappointment, if i may say. it could be more organized; too many missing pieces you would lose interest halfway of the story. despite the long hours, too little input. we were confused and at the end of it, we declared that it was a total disappointment.

in my humble opinion, the casting should be done properly - kristen stewart MUST improve her facial expression, like seriously. i'm not influenced by 9gag but she really has the same set of expressions, let it be sad happy anxious or whatever. and to me, snow white has to be someone else; she just couldn't play the role - it's too depressing to see her static expression urghhhh siapalah yang pilih dia jadik pelakon niii.

and chris hemsworth, what can i say. his Thor image is pasted on him so i couldn't feel his acting as the huntsman. the hair, and the axe he's holding - definitely make you recall him in Thor and The Avengers instead.

for the plot, i think they should learn from Mirror Mirror, another movie of snow white. it was entertaining, and the plot was simple and some may say cliche but it worked well - you understood the whole story easily, little elements of suspense and excitement and fun.

i know some may even say that the movie was trying to be different - i get it, but please organized it well. you have the points but they were scattered throughout the story. towards the end, i didn't know what made ravenna hated men so much, i didn't know how suddenly snow white got the strength and ability to fight, i didn't know why it was thor eh the huntsman who got to wake her up. you have no idea of what's actually going on. all that you know: the stepmother is evil and snow white is fighting her to get the throne back. plus, it was not logic at all. the journey to the duke hammond's castle from the castle took longer time than the duke hammond's to the castle (forgive me for repeating the word castle like so many hell times) hehhhh i know lah it's fiction myth folk tale whatever but then don't fool us too obvious like dat.

at least it was me who was clueless. maybe i'm not smart enough to break the codes they hid in it. my final say, i would only give two stars for this movie. one for their effort in making it even though some of the scenes were cut off some sort of abruptly - but i'm not sure it's the movie or FINAS whatever, another star is for Charlize Theron for pulling off the character so well and for being pretty as well bahahaha so biased.

but still, she's the only reason if i want to watch it again. the rest, blurghhhh not into them at all.


  1. wah serius btol wat review. hik3. dri castle duke tu ade one way hway..sbb tu cpat.

    1. hihi oke ak review i? hahahahaa that answer will surely do for a five year old kid.

  2. lengkap. dgn ini sy bagi gred A+ kpd luf. hihihih.hadiahnye nnti i cuci kipas.

    1. Ecewaaahhh A+ tuuuuu hihihihi. Yay2 boleh la rasa ada ribut dalam rumah keh3.