Thursday, March 15, 2012

happy or not, i don't know.

my mom is the kind that when she wants something, she'll definitely work her ass off to get it. and now her current excitement is to marry me off hahahaa tak menyempat mak aku neh tau~

i don't know whether to be excited or not, but being a kid with an attempt to please mom, i would just follow. nothing to lose kan kalau dia excited survey sana sini. yang membayarnya aku so kalau aku tak bayar tetap tak jadi hahaha.

macam kelakar sebab my mom so excited and scared that if she hopes i would plan my wedding, she would never see me getting married. but at the same time, i feel so lucky because mom wants to pay for so many things hahaha jimat. anything yang menjimatkan akan menggembirakan aku.

and i don't know if i've fallen under the category of women that i don't prefer to be - giving pressure to my man. tapi entahlah, aku yakin je he understands my situation. he's nice and sweet after all. and i hope he's excited to marry me as much as i do.

and the most important point is, i don't want to make him feel as if i push him into a new phase of our life, but i bet somehow he feels that way already.

haih life is soooo complicated, and sometimes i love to pretend i don't mind at all.


  1. Replies
    1. simple je. i simpan yang gala-gala tuh utk wedding mak i bahahahahah.