Saturday, March 17, 2012

segalanya bermula di sini. esheeh hahaa.

hari ini mahu pergi tengok-tengok apa yang patut kat nilai dengan mama. mom is super excited. she slept at my house last night. we slept at 5 am you knoww.. having mother daughter talk, one thing we never have before. one thing i realize since papa passed away - everyone starts to cherish one another more. another lesson papa had left us.

maybe the relationship of husband and wife is not the same like we have as father and children, but i know my dad had tried his best. and by the way, i'm just listening from one side and i couldn't side anyone. because i'm just a daughter. and he is the perfect dad. if not he wouldn't become my best friend hihih. maybe papa had his reasons, i don't know and neither of us will know.

my dad once said, once you wish to live with your loved one - you have to accept her or him as a whole package. imagine that your partner is a flower. you couldn't just keep the flower but also the hard stem, the drying leaves, and the sharp throbbing thorn - even though it is not pretty and beautiful and it hurts you. marriage is about acceptance and respect. i've seen one without it and it was hell. you waste so many years suffering, whining, sighing.

i know that sometimes i can be cuckoo and unreasonable and insecure - i'm just an ordinary woman. but i really hope the one i choose to live with can see my beauty and never give up on trying to make things work between us. 

semoga urusan hari ini dipermudahkan. i know that ada je yang akan dengki-dengki, but Allah maha mengetahui - dan aku serahkan semuanya pada Dia. petua awet muda: jangan busuk hati. peace!


  1. ;) maseh bangga papa pernah dtg rumah i. epic kn..besan ibu,babe pun x pernah dtg umah i. hehehehe.

    1. haha papa pun tak penah p umah besan dia okai.