Sunday, May 27, 2012


esok will be a very long day for me. i'm still waiting for my email. sometimes slow people drive me crazy. i saw a dead body today. i'm just too tired. i don't practise yet for my presentation tomorrow. email why you no sent? ooo shitttt.

sometimes two is not better than one. the more the merrier, is not true. i prefer to do it alone. even though it means my brain is drained and dried like pickles.

slow people drive me crazy. ohhh i saw a dead body today. what a day.


  1. anggap la bkn dead body..die letih kot pas esiden..jd die nap kt situ.

    1. huhuh baiklahhhh. malam ni tidur tamau tutup lampu la -_________-"

  2. hihihi nnti ngigau..mimpi dr chan..keje x siap sbb pikachu slow melow.