Friday, May 4, 2012

a dictionary is so much needed by students.

having a dictionary is a must to whoever wants to be in my class. it's compulsory. in every lesson, i will give them few words for them to look up the meanings in the dictionary.

there was a day, when i taught them few words that can mean exciting.

they were so innocent, and they silently copied the word and started to look up for the meaning. short moment after that silent, i heard almost everyone gasping and some were laughing. the boys were laughing while looking at me as if i was naked.

and the word is orgasmic. 

and in their dictionary, it means solely this. meanwhile informally, it means extremely exciting or enjoyable. not just having orgasm heeesssssssshhhhhhhh.

i explained to them while laughing wholeheartedly because they said i was being pervert and they were shocked. and i answered, 'but you don't look surprise! in fact i thought you guys understand it the way i want it to mean - now siapa yang otak kuning hahh??".

kids nowadays. so innocent. so lack of vocabulary. and dictionary isn't helping. who should be blamed on this?


  1. puncak syahwat. wahahaha.

    1. haha funny kennn. you should see their faces at that moment. so priceless as if i've committed the biggest sin ever.

  2. rosak kuis. hahahaha.

    1. comel kan students i hahahaha.