Thursday, May 31, 2012

kecut perut.

lately tak ada selera nak makan. especially nasi. asyik nak meneruskan kehidupan dengan pretzel. alangkah indahnya kalau ada aunty anne's berdekatan memang hari-hari makan kat situ pagi petang siang malam. i'm so addicted to it heshhhh.

in a month i lost 2 already. i consider that as good although it may be small to some. i believe in effort. so, with my effort yang tak seberapa tu, that's good. and somehow it makes me much more motivated hihihi. some of my friends are so into corset. they are willing to pay that much, some even pay by installment for two years. i don't have that courage to do so. two year commitment is heavy for me. yes, they lose what they wish to be gone. but then i wonder how long will it keep to be that way, and what happens when it's gone? and what happens to all inside your body? 

some buy protein drinks. yes, protein helps to increase your metabolism and helps you to build muscle, especially when you exercise. but then what happens if you don't exercise? what happens if you stop drinking it? what will happen? i don't blame all of them. we want fast result. yes, aku pun mahu kalau diberi pilihan. you lose 5-10 in a week. cool, heh? but i can't afford them by the way bahaha so again, i don't know if it's a good thing or what. but because of that i resort to something healthier.


tapi entah. i always believe there's no easy way to shed off all the excessive luggage that i've collected in years. somehow you still need to exercise. something that i have long left. and now i'm back. it feels awesome to sweat and stink. doesn't matter how people cringe their nose when they pass by you - it still feels great bahahahaa.

my journey is still far far away. i've done my maths, if i'm losing this much in a month - i need a year to reach my target. but it's okay. let it be slow but constant - rather than losing it all and die or live with a huge hole in the pocket. by the way, thanks to my darling and mama for pushing me into this. without both of you, i'd definitely enjoy my nights watching tv and munching snacks hihihi.

and thank you for the super cheap fee as i am a student. using my status to the fullest is absolutely a must. grab the chance while you can, they said. teeheeee.


  1. tahmiah luf. usaha keras lagi yek. hihihih. wu3 sakit prot..i xleh mkn pudas2..kne mkn pretzel jugak..

    1. jom besok memburu. dah seminggu i tahan tekok ni. i pun taleh makan pudassssss. eh tapi esok mee goreng bellamy tu boleh tahan jugak tuuu. cemane ni cemana ni *kalut*

  2. hahah pastu sakit prot berak je la.